Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fog Mystery

It was a rainy afternoon.  The kind of rain that had weightless drops with no rush to fall on the wet ground.
She walked the single street in downtown toward south and hardly got wet except by a layer of moist on her cloth. The street was deserted with only a few pedestrians walking hastily to find a shelter, some even holding umbrellas.
She sat down by the curb under the cafe's canopy; she was the single patron on the balcony.  She positioned herself toward the southern hills.  The hills were still green with layers and layers of fog covering  them with different intensity at different elevation, alluring her with a tempting mystery.
Her mocha and panini arrived; the cup was steaming hot, bitter, foamy, creamy; just perfect.
She felt the moist of the rain on her fluffed hair, then sat back to breathe in all the freshness.
Suddenly, she heard a footstep behind her, contently walking toward her, not running like all else.  She had called him and now here he was coming to join her for the evening even though he had said he wouldn't.  She got her mocha to go and walked to the fog mystery with him; never more understood.

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