Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes it feels as if I am that Leila being dragged away into the depth of the desert night, unnoticed in the crowd of the caravan; but strangely it feels as if, at the same time, I am the lover of that Leila, left behind, forbidden to be with her, to meet her, to have her; hopelessly watching her go.

Sometimes it feels as if I have been observing my life being lived.


Anonymous said...

Loved it :) and I love this song,too.


midnight/... said...

boos :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh. Forbidden Love. Perhaps the greatest Love of all. No? Hopeless indeed :)

midnight/... said...

I think it very much depends on the person; I am not sure if it is the greatest love of all for me. That is the famous love story of the famous Leyli/Leila though. It is nothing new. And it will never get old.