Saturday, March 24, 2012

Becoming Fully Nothing

It was a majestic night, in the arms of the Beloved, in presence of all these great men and women of God.

My life in front of my eyes. As though all the talks were a response to a prayer, a yearning, a question.

Being there with my friends of the heart and the true and worldly teachers was a true blessing.

All the below notes are quotations from the discussions:

Being a Human is: Letting go of intellect and becoming intimate. Being told off by another person, the question why, and the response from Mathnawi that to become really clean one needs to get wet. Becoming purely nothing to reflect the real beauty. The world is truly a happy place; our perceptions make the idea of suffering. Our happiness and well being does not require things to be in a certain way. Becoming fully human is to be; and to close the eye that sees the bad in others. Everyone is a manifestation of God, so whom can we hate? Real modesty is not to be angry at people who talk behind our back. And He is with you wherever you are.

Yaa Hu

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