Sunday, March 25, 2012


What I felt today at the retreat: joy.

God is resembled through everything and everyone; to accept and respect everyone's understanding.
To keep the channel that God flows through cleanse.

This is indeed a happily structured world.  It is only through this life that we get to learn to love Him.
To be content with God is to know it is all from Him; and anything from Him is a blessing.
Pain and sickness ... sent to us by God.  All is beautiful.
To love God is to Love those who talk us down.
To be aware of the afflictions of our hearts and ask God to be the witness to them.
There is a time to be near, there is a time to be far; to accept our humane aspects in this life and within this Love.
I think I am typing what resembled with my heart the most, and what I can share.
I had the honor to hear Cemalnour a few years ago; back then I thought I understood what she said.  Then on Saturday she repeated some of the stories and meanings she had shared with us back then and I realized I had not understood the meaning back then, as my realization was different this time.  So, I am sure I didn't fully comprehend her this time.   This is a happy realization.  I am not dead, I am still growing.  This is part of my growth I hope, and because I am a human, a faulty human who will never become perfect, but strives for it.

Yaa Hu


Anonymous said...

Wish you joy!

midnight/... said...

Thanks! Same to you!