Thursday, March 15, 2012

End of The Winter Thoughts

With every pain there is a new birth they say.
May be the earth is aching right now.
The morning are the freshest; all the buds, flowers, blossoms, lawns.
The wild flowers abound at the sides of the highways.
All is fresh.  New.

I am cherishing my recent accomplishments; I am thriving with having my feelings at check, observing them, recognizing them, cherishing them.  It was beautiful our discussion in The Circle last Saturday.  How we need to be observant of our thoughts and desires at every moment.
My accomplishments with regards to A and M; how to deal with their needs and emotions.
My accomplishments at work; my recent prize and upcoming trip to South Africa.  I feel excited about it.  Very much so.  I anticipate that the two-day stay in the bush will be very different; looking at the part of the world I never had the chance to witness.  I have had several thank you notes and well done pats in the back from the higher management lately and I am grateful for the attention.  To be honest, I do not think I am doing things differently, I just have been granted the opportunity to present me, and it has been, thank God, received very nicely.

When I am in the midst of it all, I find life very complex sometimes, with all the people, all their motifs, all their feelings, all their politics.
Yet, when I sit back in my head or heart and observe what is happening in front of my eyes, I find the scenery quite simple, mundane sometimes.  Like observing a busy playground.

I do miss my parents as we get closer to Nowruz.  I cannot say I am missing the Nowruz holidays, I have almost forgotten how it was to be on holidays for almost two weeks; it feels too far away.  But I still wish I could visit my parents for the new year.  And my family really.

It is a beautiful spring, I have a feeling that it will be nice year full of growth. With every pain there is a new birth they say, and birth shall follow growth.  Amen!

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