Friday, March 16, 2012

New People; New Self Vision

Meeting new people provides the opportunity to see oneself from another angle.
May be that is one reason I like meeting new people and mingling with new crowds.  Especially out of the work environment, beyond the politics and competition.
People see you in a new light and usually during the first couple meetings people are likely to share their opinions about you.  Usually these are positive opinions; otherwise, if the perception is not positive, I would think they wouldn't be meeting again beyond the first or second meeting.
I realized how I had lost touch with this new people vision from other angle recently.  Partly because I was too entangled with recent events in my life that I was not expanding beyond the events and I was not opening up to new opportunities.
Indeed I like meeting new people; it boosts my energy and self realization; may be that is why I am very comfortable with meeting new people in the planes or at new places.  I admit though, I always prefer to take the second step not the first.
I am enjoying my recent reviews from the recent acquaintances.

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