Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cinderella Ice Cream

One on my dearest friends, D.G., had told me that the best Pistachio Ice cream was in Santa Cruz.  I had my best Green Tea ice cream there, so it was easy to believe.  He had also suggested that one of the longer days of summer when the sun sets quite late we could make a stop at the creamy on our way to the weekly meeting with friends and try one.  We always carpool together and to get to the meeting, we go past Santa Cruz.
Last night, we carpooled to the meeting again and this time D.D. was carpooling with us too.  Coming back from the Circle around 11:40 we missed our exit to HWY17 because I was talking with D.G. and he got distracted.  He kindly assured me that there was no reason to be sorry and that the next highway U-turn would bring us back on track.  Two minutes after we were at a point of decision: straight would take us to Santa Cruz and the creamery, U-turn would bring us on HWY17.  He asked which one I would choose.  I looked at him puzzled: "are they open now?" "I believe they are open till midnight" he responded.  "Straight ahead!" I replied giddily; and turned to D.D.: "I suppose you are going to have an ice cream tonight"; he sounded happy.
So, in two minutes, a party of three entered the shop and from all the exotic flavors all ordered the Cardamom Pistachio flavor; I requested a two flavor cup so I could add the ginger flavor to it; there was a special significance to that flavor...  Ah! It was amazing!  I was so pleased with the unexpected treat!  And the suggestion manifested way before the summer too!
We sat down a while so D.G. would finish his because he had to hold the wheel driving back; until a polite shop keeper approached: "we are closing".  It was midnight.  We had to leave the shop right at the strike.  It felt like experiencing a Cinderella ice cream :)  Rest assured D.G.'s car did not convert to pumpkin after the twelfths strike.


Anonymous said...

A lovely poetic prose joon joon

midnight/... said...

Poetic & fairy-tale-ic ;)

Mr Id said...

We need to try Rick's Ice Cream in Palo Alto and also the gelato shop in Campbell!

midnight/... said...

Sure. Sign me up!