Friday, April 6, 2012

My Recent School Activities

A Farm Field Trip
I volunteered and then got picked to be one of the five chaperons to take the class to a farm to watch the newly born farm animals last week.  I had five kids to watch, A included of course.  Mind you, it was a draining and humbling experience to watch a chaotic group; got me to appreciate teachers even more!!  There were no naughty kid in my group, no teasing, no messing around, there were just five kids; and are unpredictable.  It was a rather cold day too but it was an awesome experience.  A was thrilled.  Not only because the school started later that day but also because his mom was going to be with him at school and through the day trip.  He had a blast for sure.  Thank God we had no accident in our group.  At one point though C ran away and me and the Farm Lady had to run after him and bring him back.  I like C very much!  He is a shorter boy in the class, he talks with a little bit of a stutter and a bit of face twitch, and he is very bright and sensitive.  All in all, glad I could make the trip; not sure if I will do it again.

Art Vistas
I volunteered for the Art Vistas session in April; I am done with it today and it was a very easy day.  First off it was on the Good Friday when our company has it as a holiday.  So I leisurely went to school not worrying about all the unattended emails and phone calls from the offive.  Then, I hardly had any responsibility except to prepare the desks with art papers and then walk around and observe and comment on the drawings. The subject was Houses.  And the kids came up with very imaginative house ideas.  A's was The Rainbow House.  There were a bunch of Boat Houses.  There was a shapeless black mass in the middle of a blue background drawn by T, he said it was a Wobbly House and he thought you could FEEL that it wobbled! T is the scientist in the class, I can tell; and he is going to win the Physics Olympiad one day, we shall wait and see.  My favorite though was drawn by N, it was a green house with a purple window and a brown chimney and no door.  He said proudly "it has no door because you need to put up a ladder and climb down the chimney".  Loved the idea!!
Later during recess my C boy had an accident in the sandbox where sand got into his eyes.  His tears broke my heart.  He is such an innocently lovely boy!  He went to the nurses office and came back happily of course.  That is what being 5-6 year old mean.
The other news of the day was how F's mom, who was also volunteering, told me that F had a crush on A!!  That she thought he was very cute.  That at first she had said that she liked A very much and later had said that she loved A!!  Oh my!  But you know?  F is the cutest most precious girl in the class if you ask me.  She always dresses very nicely and cares about her appearance.  She knows she is cute.  I think her mom is originally from far east and his dad is Caucasian white so she has very big black eyes and the cutest face.  So, as the mother of the boy, I am actually giddy about this!!  Gosh I can imagine F's mom is not as happy being the mother of the girl.  Especially since A is such an indifferent boy in the class!!
I think I am done with my school assignments this year.  Next will be the end of school art exhibition or something that I am planning to go in June.


Anonymous said...

The A & F story was so cute :)

midnight/... said...

:) yeah it is cute... Thanks!