Sunday, April 22, 2012

Air - London to Cape Town

It is in the middle of the night. M is asleep, thanks to the sleeping pill. And our president and his wife who are sitting in the row in front of us seem also quite. I feel tired but can't sleep yet. The dinner in the plane was unexpectedly great! Granted I was hungry. Yet it was unmistakably good!! A tasty mushroom and apple soup artisticly seasoned and a very fresh salad. The flight attendant is really attending and polite. It seems like he doesn't feel that he is doing you a service, he seems to like to serve and satisfy. It is a refreshing experience actually, especially after flying United. I watched Carnage and The Descendent and The Muppets. Liked The Descendent very much. Made my eyes tearful at times. Thankfully we got to go to London for a couple hours and we had the honor of meeting my dear Sh.K. And her family, and particularly got acquainted with their lovely 1.5 year old son. It was too short but too sweet a visit.

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