Friday, April 20, 2012

On Board to London

It feels like I have left part of my heart behind. A is probably at the kids concert right now with our friends and their kids; yet I cannot stop but wonder: is he happy? What is he thinking about this trip of both of his parents with him left behind? I know it is strange, this feeling inside, as I have gone through this exact leg of trip to London in the past summer for a week of business travel. And I was fine. I did miss him but I was looking forward to the experience, even to being away for a few days. This is a proof to me of how much I am relying on M while I am gone. Now, because of all of his past support he gets to go to this trip of a life time with me and I am thrilled, yet I cannot ease my head about A. I shall let go and let God, as Wayne Dyer might say. I pray for his well being and his heart to have a great experience with himself... I am thinking about him none stop though. I know I will want to buy anything I see if I find it interesting to him. But I won't. M and I will meet my dear Sh.K. In London Ina few hours. And of course her husband and now 1.5 year old son. So looking forward to this visit.

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