Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arrived - Cape Town

I got to cross the equator for the first time and here we are, for the first time in the continent of Africa. The airport is on the east of the famous Table Mountain, a mountain with 3km of flat plateau on the top. We had a car service from the airport to the hotel where we shared the shuttle with our president of the company and his wife. They are both very warm and friendly and it was a pleasure to share the ride together. We arrived at Queen Victoria Hotel. The nice M.E., our event manager, was at the lobby to greet us. We got checked in and guided to our room. The staff are very polite and attending again. What has not become ordinary to my eyes is the patterns. The giraffe pattern of the carpet, the zigzag pattern on the chair. The big five on the currency notes which is really cute, like the lion on the 100 Rand. I could sleep in the plane for about 3 hours and got up stuffed and sneezing. And now I feel sick in my stomach. But hopefully it will go away soon. We were thinking to go for a tour of the Table Mountain, even got tickets, but then g to informed that because of the strong wind they had shut it down for the afternoon. It is likely that due to very high waves we won't be able to go to shark cage either. We shall wait and see. We got to talk to our friends whom A is staying with. Our friend E.S. had kindly sent us a couple pictures of A, all happy and content. It was a very thoughtful gesture and we really appreciated it. He is not talking on the phone though which is nothing new; he never was good with phone communications. He just talked very briefly yesterday when we called him from London. Yet it makes me feel insecure with his thoughts and feelings. I want to think that he will appreciate a conversation in a while.

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