Friday, April 27, 2012

Sixth Night - In the Air

Awesome. Amazing. Relaxing. Adventurous. Foreign. Metropolitan. Wild. Luxurious. All at the same time, this trip of a life time. The day began with our last game ride. It was hard to believe the last ride had already approached us.  M.O., M, Mike our ranger, and Patrick our tracker, and I headed out toward the sunrise.  It was magnificent, the pinkish orange sun rising over the safari trees and bushed. We saw a few more animals in the wild including another family of elephants and buffalos.  Buffalo- Check. Done with the big five.   Back to the  lodge, goodbyes to the rangers and lodge manager, and then ride to the airport. M.P. , S.P.'s wife, was sitting by me again and we chat a lot recapping the amazing past two days.  I miss her actually! We flew from Kruger National Park to Johannesburg, said goodbyes to most all of our group.  Like always everything was arranged in the most gracious way, from pick up at the gate, to leading us to our stored bags, to check in counters.  Johannesburg airport had a good collection of African goods and the price was not inflated, we got to shop for A. We explored if we could claim the tax of the goods we had bought in Cape Town but they needed to see the goods in addition to the receipts while the goods were already in the checked in languages. We should have showed them before security and got the Copts stamped. This was a lesson learned; reminds me of Sa'di's poem every time I learn a new thing while traveling.  I did not want to leave this morning. But now that we are in our way back I wish to get home sooner. And actually look forward to work on Monday. There is a lot I need to do.  I wish to win the trip again, yet I wish this trip for all of my colleagues. Either way it will be a win.

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