Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Night

I think I can sleep tonight. M and I both took a nap in the afternoon and when we got up I felt much much better, thank God. We just missed the whole afternoon while it was still light outside but I am grateful for the rest and hopeful all will be fine tomorrow. We had a reception with the whole president club winners and their spouses. It was a nice gathering and everyone was warm and friendly. Every body else, except the president, are from sales and some have been to trips and other year president club trips before; I am the only person from marketing; yet we had a rather good evening. The shark cage excursion has for sure canceled for tomorrow. We are exploring other options. We got to chat with A tonight thanks to the house alarm going off! He came home this afternoon after two night of sleep over and will be cared for by a stay at home nanny and a baby sitter. He was shaken and wanted to talk to daddy about the very loud alarm and the reason why it went off despite him pressing the right key. Then he walked away from the camera to watch a cartoon. He was fine though. Knowing him, he will be fine just to be at home where everything is under his control. All the rest of the group have also left kids behind. Most of them with their parents. Some have younger kids even; all are concerned but content. I think I am over analyzing stuff in my head any way. I pray for him to be safe and well. Thankfully our friends with whom he stayed had all good things to say about him. That is prideful and I thank God for that. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Have fun and A will be in my thoughts. Sorry about sharks but now no outfit issues for that day:)

midnight/... said...

Thanks! A has had many phone calls from my mom and many friends! Really appreciate it!