Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hunger Games (2012)

Ingeniously guile; Vainly hopeful!
Oh the man's vanity; timeless! endless!

The Hunger Games depicts a future nation, where hovercrafts and hovering spaceships seem to be the main means of transportation, where people still seem to live in families with parents and children, where there is still a Mr President to choose the destiny of the people, where there is this antidote ointment that cures a third degree burn in the matter of hours.
Then in this world the eyelashes are "beautified" with make up to pink and purple and green and blue, and attached pair of crafted leaves, or tiny butterflies.
Well, eyelashes are supposed to be black I think.  They are more beautiful in my eyes when they are more black than not, and in the words of many poets that I know.
Unnatural Hair-dues and hair colors are already not too foreign even in our time; the unnatural hair colors are already natural.
That all makes me ponder on the sense of art and beauty.  Does it change as human evolves?
Then there seems to be backwardly kept places in this future time where people actually look like people but they are bred to play in an annual game for the amusement of the butterflied-eye-lash-ed people of the Capitol.  A game where the contestants get chosen to use their survival skills to win a life of hunger, with only one to win, with all the rest to die or to get killed.  Mr President and the director of the game choose how to manipulate the scenes, of course, how to create creatures with the tap of a finger, they choose to act like God.

I fear this future.  I get it.  IF.  If the world gets to this point.  If the life becomes a game (isn't it?) and then if that game becomes a matter of survival(wasn't it for ever?).  If the looks of the children of man become so unnatural.  If the colors get used so mixed up.
But why should one think like this; genius!  One should sit down and create such an ugly world and engineer such a cleverly cunning game. Then many read that created book and then many manufacture a movie based on it and then many want to pay to spend a few hours of their precious lives watching it.  That makes me wonder actually. "Hope is stronger than fear"!  Indeed.  Yet why should one breed anymore to have a blue-eye-lashed child or a child to battle a hunger game?

Indeed, this is nothing new.  Human being seems to always have felt some sort of satisfaction by observing distress of others; especially when they can choose, with the turn of a finger, the destiny of another man:
The combats of gladiators with another man or a beast;
fast forward to hockey where head and face injury is the norm in the life of the players and is marveled by the heart of many observers,
fast forward to future, where "The World is Watching" The Hunger Games.


Anonymous said...

A lovely description midnite joon. Haven't seen it or read but your description makes perfect sense

midnight/... said...

Glad to read this!