Monday, April 23, 2012

Second Night - Cape Town

It was a great day today! We had a very short sleep last night due to insomnia and jet lag. Got to have a quick breakfast and then a car ride to the Paarl wine land. There were two other couples joining us. We all got on horses and rode through the vineyards inStellenbosch. It was magnificent. My horse back riding experience was much better this time compared to my last more than a decade ago. We planned on a quick lunch but it lasted us 1.5 hours. It was hard to rush to eat where we were, in the middle of the vineyards surrounded by mountains and a cool breeze and a great food and nice company. The other couple stayed for wine tasting but we head back in the hope to go to Table Mountain. Alas it got shut down again. So we made a quick visit to the waterfront market, got A a post card for 5 Rands, found the post office, and mailed it. Rushed back to the hotel to change and down we got for a bus ride to the mdinner venue: the Gold of Africa Museum. We got greeted with drinks with floating gold flakes on the top. Then a drum call similar to what we had at Global Sale Meeting earlier this year and it was still lots of fun. A quick tour of the museum with many gold. And finally African dinner and dance and music by performers. Amazing culture!! A salt bath and sleeping time. It is right past midnight in cape town. Goeienag! (good night in Afrikaans)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear a lovely day and sleepy time at midnite with a salt bath. No luck with that here but dreaming

midnight/... said...

Thanks anonymous! There is always chance for anything I guess, with enough drive and imagination and also faith I suppose any dream will come true. It's only a matter of time though, you never know what the universe has planned for you. Yet prayers do magic... I suppose I am Ina positive mood tonight ;)

Anonymous said...

I like your positive moods. Keep them up. Ha ha