Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Saturday Hike

It was a foggy day yesterday, so is today so far.  A was watching TV since 6:10AM, which is his weekend routine but not necessarily has M's or my approval for any duration more than 2 hours.  M suggested a hike outing and I got on line to find a non-shaded path for up to 3 hours of hike, given our situation.  Stile Ranch Train in Santa Tresa Park got selected and toward the southern hills we head. It was a very pleasant hike, green hills and ranches around.  We shared the path with mountain bikers and horse back riders.  Got to see many hawks and still not blooming wild flowers.  These hills are famous for their wild flowers in Spring.  The fact that it was not shaded made the foggy day more pleasant with some warmth from the hiding sun. We finished a 2.6 mile hike in 2 hours and 50 minutes which was a nice contrast to the two hours A had spent in front of the TV.


Anonymous said...

What a fun time. Happy to read it tonight

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