Thursday, February 14, 2013

Movie: Argo (2012)

When I saw Argo on the new release list I knew I wanted to watch it.  I usually do not watch this kind of action, spy, recent history movies by myself.  M is both more knowledgeable and more interested in the events that I can review the details with him through and after the movie.  But hey.  I could not stop watching it now that it was right in front of me.  Too many American’s had asked me about the movie, whether or not it was real.  Last one was my boss’s boss’s boss.  I needed to know what they were talking about.  I was a new born when it all happened in the history.
The movie started by a brief history of the past 55 years of Iran in 5 minutes until 34 years ago, the revolution in 1979.  Then it focused on the day that the students occupied the American embassy and apparently 6 Americans fled the building before they got caught and got housed by the Canadian ambassador.  The story was about a CIA plot to bring those back to the United States.
I enjoyed the movie actually.  The suspense, the uncertainty, the montage and scenes in the movie; I thought that was actually really nice as there were many real depictions of Iran the way I remember in the early years of my life which were the early years of the revolution too.  The violence in the bazaar and then in the airport were not unfamiliar although for sure seemed pretty exaggerated.
It was an amazing plot indeed, to go a country you have no right in and pretend you are filmmakers and take out the refugees as the film crew.  I had no idea this happened in real life.  On the other hand, it was an interesting depiction of the political games.  Even the CIA mission was a game of politics the lives of people were second to the glory of the country.  The mission was not always saving Americans’ lives, not when the game, if called out, could be assumed lame in the eyes of the world.  But the CIA agent at the mission decided to go through with it and then it was a matter of minutes to reach and convince the president’s office to approve of the game.

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