Friday, June 21, 2013

House of Cards - A Netflix Movie - an early critique

Just finished the 7th episode last night.  It is one of those series that completely captures your mind.
It depicts corruption in the government, the greed that justifies any means for the aim in mind.
The main Character, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacy), is depicted is a real shroud, smart, direct, quick, and cruel congressman. It is interesting how despite knowing all these negative characteristics in him, one might sympathize with him. He is no hero, yet he wins. Hence, his charcter might provoke the support of the viewers' mind.
Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), the young ambitious journalist, looks fragile but shows some agile characteristics of herself makes one wonder how far she can go.
And Clair Underwood (Robin Wright), is a mystery. Even her face, her jawbone and colarbone, her physics, draw curiosity. How she carries herself and how she deals with Frank. Is she happy? She told an old guard she was not looking for happiness. Is she real?


Anonymous said...

I was not thinking about Clair like this, but now that I read your critique I can't stop but agreeing with you. Interesting.

midnight/... said...

Hmm, thanks for sharing your thought. I will miss watching th next episodes for a while may be but really am drawn into it. I have a feeling that Clair will break soon. We shall see.

Babak said...

My wife and I watched the whole season in one or two days (I think it was sometime in winter). The political side of the story was very intriguing to me. And that how the movements were calculated, and how some of them went wrong.

Then, my wife started watching "The West Wing". I watched some of the episodes with her. I liked it mainly because I learned from it and some of the episodes reminded me of what is going on in politics right now!