Saturday, June 8, 2013

Notes from a Woman with a Bump: Missing

There is more or less three more weeks to go, enshaalaa.  I feel uncomfortable most of the time.  Breathing is hard, eating feels uncomfortable both before and after, sleeping can feel painful in my hip and back, and I wake up to a stiff body that prenatal yoga helps a lot with alleviating the pain.
Despite, I already think I am going to miss these days.  Not for the uncomfortable parts of course, but for mere fact of being pregnant.
Being pregnant seems very mysterious to me.  It manifests the Divine Love and Power.  It is powerful and I enjoy it.
I also am cherishing the shape of this pregnant body.  May be the beauty is in the fact that it does not remain like this, and what will come after will never be like how it was before.
I am going to miss being pregnant, I am sure.  But I am ever so thankful for this grand opportunity, here and now.

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