Thursday, June 13, 2013

Notes from A Woman with a Bump: Maternity Leave

I am finally off work.  My parents and grandma have been worried about me working so late into my pregnancy.  Back home the custom is for the pregnant lady to take the last couple months easy, relaxed, and concentrated on nesting.  Now God willing I might get a couple weeks or so.
A and I made a trip to the mall yesterday with two specific stops.  Shopped for Father's Day present.  Had lunch at food court and then headed to the movie theater: Epic. A seemed to really enjoy himself.  We got back home by about 4:30 for a quick nap and unwinding.  I need these naps because I am sleep deprived at night with hip pain and acid reflux.
I must admit that I couldn't refrain from having sneak peaks into my  mailbox here and there.  My excuse was to delete emails as they come so I am not confronted with 1000s of email upon return to work in a few months.  And a sales rep called about a fantastic recent case and wanted to thank my efforts; that was kind of him.
Today we are meeting a friend for lunch.  Looking forward to a relaxed outing.

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