Sunday, June 23, 2013

Notes from a Woman with a Bump: One Last Night?

Concentrating on how each painful contraction gets me closer to my baby girl. Ah at times really hard to tolerate the pain. But soon it will be over enshala.
I said goodbyes to A at bed time. He didn't understand why we couldn't all go to the hospital together. And was sad to know that I'd stay there for two days. He cried actually and that broke my heart. Thankfully my mom is here and he has great bound with her. I'm sure they will manage fine.
I'm glad M is finally asleep. We all had a long day. Preparing and cleaning the house for the arrival of the little princess enshala.
He insisted that I needed to count the minutes from the onset of each contraction to the next and also the duration. I think I will know when we have to go to hospital: when I cant walk anymore.
I feel hungry. Had half a toast with a bit of fried egg white, fearing my needed energy for labor is spent on digestion. Hopefully I can endure the hunger for a few hours more. I read having ice pop handy is a good idea. I'm looking forward to having a couple when we get to the hospital.
I praid and meditated. I feel connected and more relaxed compare to a few days ago.
The moon is pretty full tonight. I think it is mysteriously beautiful.
I ill try to have a few minutes of shut eyes, if not hours now.
Good night moon!

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