Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Deal with Annoying People

I have been dwelling on the subject of how to deal with annoying people. Imagine having an annoying person in your life. Imagine her sticking her nose in everyone’s' business especially where it is not her business. She is demanding and bossy all the time even where she is not the boss. She provides unsolicited advice; worse, she criticizes people at her leisure and especially in public. Her comments and publicized judgments not only cause annoyance, they cause hurt and provide damage sometimes.

I hope you have a quite horrid image of her in your head by now.

Now I just reaized that the secret in managing an annoying person is: not to consider her annoying.

Simple? Not really. Because, in my opinion, it is embedded in one's philosophy to find another person annoying. But then for the same reason it is possible to not feel annoyed by another person's action: One should change her philosophy about annoyance. And to do so, is only a moment's decision.

I have found peace and comfort since I have decided to consider these kind of people non-annoying.

Her unsolicited advice is only due to her lack of interpersonal skills and tact. So is her seemingly bossiness, and critical manners. She might actually have no idea how to communicate. She might not even know that she has this problem. That makes a lost soul, I am afraid. We have a proverb in Farsi that if I do my best to translate it, it says: "One who doesn't know that he doesn't know, is destined to remain in his ignorance forever".

I hope that now you have a quite benign image of her in your head. Just remember; she is benign.


Anonymous said...

I imagine her with curly hair, thin, standing about 62" tall. And still annoying.....

midnight/... said...

That's the whole point. She really is not :)