Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Magnificent Iran

This is amazing, the political events of these past few days in the world.  It is amazing, like a dream come true, that the Iranian president and foreign minister talk in the international media and I don't feel like I wish they never did. In fact for the first time in my life as a person who took her first breath during the curfew just before the Islamic Revolution of Iran, I look at the recently elected president and listen to his policies and feel unashamed, even feel proud. For the first time since I have developed some sense of politics and world policy I find the elected president actually representing the people of Iran.
I can just dream what this can mean to the people of Iran and the world, these fresh, powerful, sincere talks of invitation for negotiation.  Perhaps the blue sky will be seen again in the cities of that land. Perhaps medicine and medical devices will be provided to the sick grandmas (my maamaan joon included) and dying children. Perhaps the embargo will be released and airlines will resume the denied services to the people of the world again. Perhaps the notion of Tehran will be "magnificent" again.


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I hope so! Would love to go someday

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I think anyone interested in history, origin of civilizations, and nature would love to go. I really can't imagine but what if. Thanks!