Friday, September 20, 2013


She was sitting on a chair by the curbside after taking a long walk. She had her notebook open; a cup of tea that was almost chilled and a pen in her hand.   No word written.
The memories were faintly circulating in her head. She remembered how hard it was back in the time to think of those cheerful events and bright feelings as memories. She thought all would remain in her head as bright as the sunlight. But then the dust of time sat on her mind and she couldn't remember how she was feeling, thinking, comprehending.
All she had now was a notebook full of white papers and a head full of fainting memories.


Anonymous said...

Seems very sad. Memories are the joy in life and the anticipated joy to come.

midnight/... said...

True! Sometimes they are. But it is amazing to me how much gets lots and how I realize is when I read my old journals. I thought I would never forget back in the day but I had indeed forgotten. And truth be told, some memories are better to be forgotten.