Friday, September 27, 2013

One Hour Walk

Living in California with fantastic weather all year round and it is hard to find a path that would give me an hour worth of walk from home.
I had a long day with a sick nanny who cancelled on me yesterday and a bunch of meetings. Working from home with a not-so-well baby I managed all the meetings and conference calls and spontaneous calls pretty well actually. It was a successful day job-wise. However, I needed a break from it all. So when M came home late in the afternoon I tool the chance to flee the house.  Destination? Wherever that would give me one hour worth of walk. The furthest I could go before hitting the highway (well, that's what's good about where we live: strategic access to two main highways) was Starbucks but it only gave me 20 minutes of walk. Still I know if any of the neighbors decided to go there they would ride their cars. This is America.
Anyways, I ordered a 250 cal Chocolate Chai Latte and I regret it the moment I finished calling the name. Yet didn't withdraw. I wish i had. Sipping from it I was sure it didn't worth it.
I must say it is a boring Starbucks. At a glance, not that I am much in the mood to chat, no body interesting is sitting around. I'm going to just read my book a bit before taking the 20 minutes walk back.
I'm reading this book "The Art of Influence" by Chris Widener. So far so good. Like it. Both the narration and the tiny story behind and the "Golden Rules of Influence" suggested.  It's a tiny book I have been reading for almost 1.5 weeks given my very limited time to study lately.
So far I have read and implemented two of the golden rules:
1) living an undivided life of integrity
2) always demonstrate a positive attitude
The latter is a piece of cake for the Sagittarius that I am. That's what we are: positive.  At least for bigger part of life.
Wondering if I could find a one hour path around the house that's enjoyable.

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