Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Late Mocha

There was the sound of music coming from one of the neighboring shops.  She was listening to the tone of it, warm, lovely even, passionate perhaps.  She wanted to memorize the lyrics but her mind was not cooperating. He was late and that was all she had her mind on.  It was no surprise; he was late many times before. Yet she couldn't tolerate him being late.  She knew the tiny little time they had with each other, they could have with each other, would be cut even shorter now.  She looked at her watch. The white band was fading. How old was this watch?  Four years? She remembered that she asked for a black watch with a rectangular face when she was asked what she desired for Mother's Day and she got a white watch with a round face.  He smiles at the selection back then she remembered. Now he was late.
The song had changed, the new guy's voice was not as warm anymore.
Her tea was totally cold now. Bitter. Cold.
She looked around; she had already read all the posted ads on the walls around her and names on the shops and even entertained herself by focusing on the fonts each store had chosen to display its name.  She turned on her iPhone. Browsed her Facebook page one more time. There was no update since two minutes ago.  She opened flipboard but thought she had no desire to read about all the miseries in the world at that time. Locked it again. He was late.
The music was completely faded now amid the street noises.  It was a humid afternoon and it felt like with every honking car more humidity was added to the layers of air around her.  She started fanning herself with her fingers to get rid of some of that air.  He was late.
She looked at the end of the street again. There he was!  Striding big steps waddling from side to side.  Eyes wide and bright and a big 'ol grin on his lips.  She giggled like a child but didn't move.  He sat down panting: "I'm so out of shape" he said.  She frawned and smiled.  The waiter came over "Can I change your tea?" "Yes please!" She replied. "And please add a mocha to the order, no whip cream".

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