Thursday, June 12, 2014

France Vacation the Second Time

France in the shoulder season of mid June treated us well.
We travelled to Paris as a family of four this time. Baby m has undeniably slowed us down but also has added a great pleasure with her little presence; she has been a good sport for most of the time.
We got to travel outside Paris this time, visiting Rambollie, Chateau Chambord, and Chateau Chenonceau. We spent a night in Bloise which was an older city with a river and another Chateau we didn't visit.  Looking back at the memories it was a nice trip that could be more relaxing than what chance we provided it.
I haven't been letting go of things yet.  The job I left. The new job I accepted. The immediate assignments as soon as I will start enshala. Little angel's care plans. The dilemma of motherhood and professionalism.  These are the main issues bugging my mind preventing me from being in the moment.
I must say it was a huge mistake, not relaxing I mean. A repeated one too which make it even worse.  I will try to let go for the rest of the trip.
The castles we visited added new experience to our tourist selves.  Chateau Rambord was huge and dark and mysterious with many rooms and many doors and many pathways and many locked gates.

It had an interesting staircase in the middle of the main foyer where two flights of steps led to the top floors but each flight designed to not meet anywhere along the way even at landing.  It had a huge moat around it which made it even more mysterious.

Chateau Chenonceau had a very pleasant and welcoming taste to it, as contrary to the previous one.

From the entrance gate the tree shadowed pathway pleasantly greeted us. The tower and balcony facing the front garden showcased the classic depiction of a tiring castles, which I had only seen in books and movies.  There were many details considered in the interior design of the castle and the huge kitchen with many windows receiving the day light pleasantly surprised us.

It resembled a happy place as contrast to the mystery of the first one.  We heard that Chenonceau had a feminin nature which was easily conprehended.

We payed a short visit to the city of Paris today, just stopping at the Eiffel Tower and then took a walk in my favorite Qurtier Latin.  Paris never fails to please.  It was a nice short visit and I feel thankful for the opportunity.

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