Sunday, June 15, 2014


SiDE is a tiny little town close to Antalya with ruins of a Greek city and a perfect place to celebrate M's birthday.  We dined at Fiesta, a sea-view restaurant with welcoming staff. They were happy to hear we were Iranian, like many many other shops and restaurants we stopped at.  I asked my dad to find out if they would bring a cake with candles for M as soon as we stepped in. As soon as we were sitter my dad assured me that it was taken care of.
We ordered Turkish kabob and cutlet.  It took some time for them to bring the food but when they did it proved to worth the wait.  After dinner M was eager to walk back because the kids were not behaving and it took some cajoling to convince him to stay. Eventually they stopped the music and replaced with with a Turkish style Happy Birthday song and a few waiters arrived with a red cake compete with lit candles.  We all sang the song to him happy that it would be remember able birthday in a Turkish restaurant by the Meditranean sea.

Little princess got to swim some today. She seemed to really enjoy herself and afterwards she seemed to enjoy a deep nap by the poolside.

Given the list bag we shopped a few items in the hotel and also in SiDE. The quality and design of some clothing and shoes have pleasantly surprised me.  It is not inexpensive but perhaps more reasonable compared to the US considering the quality.  I feel particularly excited about polo shirts we got for M and A and also a bag and a beach bag I got.  Looking forward to some more shopping in Istanbul enshala.

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