Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello Antalya!

So here we are; at a resort by the Meditranean sea and reunited with my dad.  It was supposed to be a five star resort but we won't rank it higher than three. It's clean and the pool ambiance is nice but that's about it. Aside from that m developed fever during our flight and then Lufthansa didn't deliver one of the bags from Frankfurt to Istanbul and we won't receive it before Monday. This is kind of strange and unacceptable but it is what it is. So lots of energy has been spent on discussing the hotel issues, m's health situation, and  planning for replacing the items we never received in the lost bag.
It was a short night last night with frequent raises with m's wanting to be nursed.  We made it to the last hit of the breakfast service and then while everyone was relaxing by the pool I hit the gym. Really, I'm an active traveller not enjoying sun bathing much at all. We had a relaxing time under the shades overlooking the sea sipping on yogurt drinks and chatting away.
I cannot wait for my sister and brother in law to join us tonight. And thank God m's fever seems fading away, enshala.

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