Friday, February 3, 2012


I met with Dr B. again yesterday and then had dinner with him and his colleagues and my colleague.  The discussions were flowing in many different directions, as usually is the case in such venues. It was one memorable discussion that got me thinking.  Dr B. started asking around the table about the duration of college studies.  Then he claimed his I.Q. was low (mind you, he is a neurointernevtionalist, what is above neurosurgery in medicine really?) but he had made up his mind since 4th grade elementary school that that was what he wanted to be.  So he had focused on it! And surely attained it.  And he is not just a neurosurgeon, he is one of the most admired and valued elites in the society.  It really got me contemplate; it is "focus" that makes you get what you want.
The whole evening with many talks flowing by reminded me of another philosophical view that Mr E. had once shared with us.  His main point was that in a gathering when one talks most of the talks the rest of the company wont feel belonging; it is in reciprocating discussion that all would enjoy the chats and company.  I had the chance to observe and examine this view too, which was neat to remember.

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