Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Honorary Note for A Product Manager Me

I am amazed at how articulately expressive some people can be!
We had a key opinion leader visit from Japan yesterday.  I had met with the physician one and a half years ago when he was here in Fremont and had collected his input and implemented them in the proposed marketing specifications.  I remember badgering R&D sometimes to push for a requirement here and there, which is the norm now for me, and rather easy to do as a previous R&D; I know what is doable and what is not.
In any case, the meeting commenced and the new concepts were demonstrated.  The physician was really pleased with what he evaluated.  We had some very nice discussions on the side about other products.  He eventually invited me to visit his center and observe some of his cases in the near future.
Note that I had found the Japanese physicians very precise, direct, and rather laconic in expressing their ideas.  And this meeting was no exception.
Then, this morning, I received a very lengthy and rather expressive email from the physician with many congratulatory words and approval notes pertinent to the concept he had evaluated and the discussions we had.  He had even called us part of his team now which I knew meant a great deal.
It was then that I remembered, from my little exposure to Japanese literature and cinema, that how literally expressive Japanese can be despite their seemingly insignificant facial expressions.
It was a fresh note!  And needless to say got me really pleased and happy to read all those encouraging and congratulatory words on this Saturday morning!


Sunny said...

Congrat. my dear friend. Surely you deserve it and more is on the way.

midnight/... said...

Thank u Sunny joonam!!

Anonymous said...

THE anonymous is proud of your accomplishments and how great your 8 feels like a 12.

midnight/... said...

Thanks anonymous! It was indeed a proudful feedback & I'm grateful for it.