Sunday, February 19, 2012


Vacation is a time for a pause. A pregnant pause that will start with a break from the daily thoughts and works, then will continue with reassessment of what was passed, and finally will end in plan forward. We are in Pacific Palasedes staying with M's aunt and uncle. It feels like a much needed break and a perfectly timed one right after a few very busy and mind occupying work weeks and before a new work year proceeds after the new goals are set through the global sales meetings. I've got the chance to chat with M's aunt who is a seasoned professional woman. I like talking with her; she is very passionate about her work and life style, even more than I am! And then at many occasions I pause just to reassess where I am spiritually; what my goals are and how I am pursuing it. Work is only one channel to practice it all. Remaining true to who I really am and seeking happiness within and being just and fair and free of judgement; all hard spiritual goals to attain but my aim. I am going to stay true to my values no matter the cost; won't gamble with my opportunities assuming they will always be present. I know I need to slow down and even cease some activities in order to make sure the main ones are completely focused on. I'm looking forward to meeting with friends tomorrow. Two more days of vacation remain; how fun!

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