Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There is a time for growth.  There is a time for idleness.
There is a time for joy.  There is a time for sorrow.
There is a time for love.  There is a time for remorse.  There is a time for ignorance.
There is a time to realize that there is a time for everything.  It is my expectations that makes me inpatient with the time.  There is no guarantee for our expectations.  There may even be no right for such expectations.  The universe is taking its own time.


Anonymous said...

It is the expectations that help us try harder and get better perhaps? I like trying!

midnight/... said...

No doubt. But then ther are things that you try for, hard, and still cannot attain, not because of how you tried but it simply is beyond you. Then I find myself accepting he defeat for the time. And just remain watchful for the better times that will allow for that to occur, and pray.