Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lodging in the Jasper National Park

Friday Jun 15th
Blue blue sky, ornamented with fluffy white clouds, boasting over magnificent Canadian Rockie mountains.
It is great being here!
We left Edmomton last night and got here around 11PM. My dear sister S and brother in-law AF had taken care of everything. Everything. From lodging to sightseeing spots to breakfasts and dinners.  We were treated like absolute guests and I got a lot of time to just contemplate, think, meditate, be.
We are staying at the Pine Bagalows. It is a great venue with a great view by the Athabasca river and yet minutes away from the town of Jasper.  It was serene yet alive with a trembling river.  Constantly renewing.
We went to the Colombia Mt Glacier today, first time walking on a glacier. The color of the glacier ice was a bluish green, very unique and pure, I could watch it forever. The mountains and pine groves were amazingly eye catching. And never repetitive after an hour of drive.
Back in the cottage the guys took care of the BBQ and my dear sister took care of the rest. So I got a few minutes by myself at the river to meditate some. Ah!  Magnificent!
HBD my M!
Saturday June 16th
We hiked the Maligne canyon. It was an amazing canyon, very deep and very alive. The water and the sand in constant battle of power; it was magnificent!
We saw two black bears, one really close, while driving to the Maligne lake. It was like prayers answered; the one up close was actually very cute.  Minding his own business munching on fresh grass.
M, A, and I canoed on the lake. My beautiful goodness! The picturesque mountains looking down at the lake! And A rowed nicely albeit like a pure armature. It was a lovely experience as if pumping energy in my veins.
Back at the lodge while eating supper we saw a herd of white tale deer feeding themselves in between the Bangalows; they were so much fun to watch. Especially a mom with three kids. All the neighbors had come out to take pictures of the herd.
After dinner at the cottage we strolled the town of Jasper for a while, it is a little town of its own character.  Finally, at 11PM, the sky was still light as if the sun had no plan to vanish so we walked to the river by our lodge for a short while just to get a different view of it all.
I really like the life observed in the river.
Sunday Jun 17th
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!  Particularly to my M!  He is a great father indeed!
...This life is a white slate provided to each of us. What are we drawing?...
Last meditating moments by the river, last coffee in the fresh air of the Canadian Rockie mountains, and finally, last quick hike with S. We had a leisurely drive back to the city.
We got to meet our dear friends from our past life in Toronto, dear NA and MRS, for dinner.  I cannot stop thinking about the visit.  It was lovely to meet them again after many  years and get to meet their lovely daughter. Such a nice little girlie.  She made me many dishes of food with her toy dishes, they were all yummy, pretend.  And our friends from good old days in Toronto had grown locals in Edmonton. They were both still as artistic or more so with their handcrafts and dishes of dinner and desert.  I feel so happy to have gotten the chance to spend some time at their place!  A great ending to a great trip indeed!


Nasim said...

It was great seeing you again after so long, and seeing Dear A. for the first time. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you for making the time to come and see us, I really appreciate it.

midnight/... said...

It was great indeed Nasim joon! We had a marvelous time and look forward to have you all over at our place.

Anonymous said...

A lovely scenery indeed! Very similar to mine except the lake. Tomorrow the lake begins and our scenaries may combine. Maybe even a bear from a distance?

midnight/... said...

Yeah! Would be thrilling to see a bear; it does not happen to most of us in our whole lives. Enjoy your sceneries and the lake.