Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost in Translation (2003) - Genius!

They are lost.

She is a young beautiful sexy neglected wife of two years.
He is a middle aged successful bored rich husband of 25 years.

She thinks deep, her husband is shallow. She looks for meaning, her husband looks for fun.
He looks for company, his wife is content without him around. He wants to be heard, his wife is too busy with the kids and home renovation to listen.

She cannot sleep while her husband snores.
He cannot sleep but when calls home his wife is occupied with feeding the kids.

She feels lost.
He feels lost.

They meet.

They greet.

They talk.

They start being heard.
They start making jokes.
They start laughing at each other's humor.
They start feeling secured. They start sharing their insecurities.
They do not judge.
They keep each other company.

Then they have to part; the impossible feelings.

He leaves; she hides in the elavator.  He finds her in the crowds of Tokyo on his way to the airport.  Catches up with her.  She is crying.  He hugs her.  She hugs him.  He says something in her ears. She smiles and wipes her tears.

They depart.

PS: I wish I knew what he said in her ears at the end of the movie ...  what made her smile?

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