Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lost Materials

I feel bad if I loose something. I feel bad mostly because I think why this even happened. Was I not paying attention? How can I trust myself again if I'm not vigilant about my stuff? The casualties haven't had high values so far, thank God. But still bothers me. I forgot a book in a hotel in Germany two years ago. I forgot a travel size Lore'al shampoo that worked really nice on my hair in a hotel in Colorado, and yesterday, I think I dropped a really nice colored lipstick and lip shine Lancôme duo in South Carolina. But how? I looked in my cosmetic bag twice. It wasn't there and I thought I had forgotten to pack it in the last minute. Couldn't find it at home either. This really bothers more. I am not even sure where I lost it. Can I trust myself with my good stuff again? I'm being too tough on me I know but I just don't like forgetting things.
Happy weekend everyone!

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