Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can't Argue with the Truth :)

"If You Were Born Today, December 3
You are a fervent, loyal, and spirited person who is true to yourself whatever the cost!  You hold strong beliefs yet you are tolerant of others, even if you do enjoy a good debate and trying to "win" others to your perspective.  While at times you can be restless due to an inquisitive and interested nature, you are also capable of great loyalty and dependability, valuing stability and permanency.  You are generally good with money and not big on gambling it away foolishly.  You are truly unique and not afraid to be yourself."

If I were on FB my status would be: Thank God for all the loved ones and friends and family!  Love you all!  boos boos


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday L joon. Well said and true!

midnight/... said...

Thanks anonymous!