Thursday, December 15, 2011

Entertainment On Board

I was using up my 3G up until the very last moment, promising my colleagues I was logging off for the year for two hours and still responding to emails.

Then riding the plane M wished that we had on demand entertainment TV and I just wished to watch Water For Elephants (2011). I had started listening to its audiobook while driving home but lately I've been on the phone (hands free) for most of my commutes, hence, hardly any time to listen to a book. But I had heard the movie was nice too and when it appeared on the screens of Los Gatos local cinema I wished to watch it but never happened.

Likewise I had wished to watch Larry Crowne (2011) and Midnight in Paris (2011). None happened. So riding the plane I wished for only one movie: Water for Elephants.

Granted, there was on demand entertainment on board, so M got happy right away :) Finally, in the sky, M started browsing the TV list.  Shortly after he announced that my wish had come true too. But he didn't stop: "and Midnight in Paris!" he announced, I clapped my hands, "and 'Larry Crowne'", I had a smile so wide people could see my whole row of teeth from two diagonal rows back. M though announced that he didn't like any of the offerings. Sorry for him!

And who knew, there was even "Ten (2002)" among the Classics.

Larry Crowne (2011) - Directed by Tom Hanks

Not only it stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it is funny. Oh I had a good time watching it! I was thinking it was a nice chilling movie for a lousy holiday afternoon for those staying local or spending a few days away but not necessarily active all the time; like how we spent a few days of the holidays in Santa Barbara two Christmas ago. Icing on the cake: it was filmed in California, as if I had already missed that land! Oh there is too much there not to miss! My take away from it, besides a few fun loud chuckles: to cross the equator!

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Authentic streets that happen to be in Paris, under the rain.  Plush of sparkling greens glowing under the raindrops. Then, the tower clock bangs announcing the midnight. It gives you a bizarre feeling to travel back in time. A passionate love releives you from fear of death it says. Earrings. Magical? Refreshing was how in the depicted 2010 Paris, on the sidewalks or in the cafe, there was no body on laptop or mobile phone or iPad. At least I didn't spot any in this movie. For sure I could relate to the walks, all the walks at night or walks in the rain or walks at night in the rain.

Water for Elephants (2011)

Perhaps the book should have been more exciting and catchy. I was still taken by the excitements and anticipations. It was a fairytale ending with happily ever after hoax I'd think, although heart wants to believe. And a few lay over hours.


Anonymous said...

Three of my favorites for sure. Midnite in Paris though was full of metaphor which made me happy. Safe travels.

midnight/... said...

Yeah! I like to watch that one again, Midnight in Paris I mean. I liked many of the dialogues which worth listening to one more time.