Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Fallen Tooth

Post from Tuesday Dec 20th:

A lost his first baby tooth today! Gosh it feels so ... sad? beater sweet? unexpected? soon?

He had just started having his breakfast when he complained about something being stuck in his teeth and when he touched his tooth I saw that it wiggled. Ah my heart swelled for him!  Finally, my dad the dentist examined it and the decision was to just snap it out so he could eat again otherwise knowing him he was not going to eat anymore and continue trying to "take the stuck thing out" until it was pulled out itself. It bled for a minute only. He asked about Tooth Ferry and we assured him that she would show up here too.  Then he wrapped the tiny little tooth in a napkin and stuck it under his pillow.  He was too excited to show his toothless mouth to my mom and asked to be taken there before M or I went there, so there he went by himself thanks to uncle MR picking him up.

He speaks with a bit of altered "S" sound now.  It is so cute.  He is fascinated and is examining his other teeth every few minutes making sure none other is loos yet.

He is growing up. Fast!  I am going to miss his set one teeth!...


Shabnam said...

So adorable! I love you and your beautiful A. xxx

midnight/... said...

Jaat kheili khalif Shabnam joon! Last night Pegah and Narges were talking so nicely about Ryan and I so wish to meet him soon. Love you so much too!!