Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here We Go

A few gifts, a few sets of clothing, a couple pair of shoes, a suitcase.
A asked several times if I were going to go to work today, to which I responded no. This morning, going to school he said he'd miss me. I assured him it was his last three hours of school in 2011 and then we will be away for two and a half weeks. He then said he would miss everyone here. I sighed. "my child! You will say the same when we are departing family at the end of this trip too". He didn't pause on this. But this is the truth about emigrants. Missing all the time.
M and I were talking that Iran may be the only country which doesn't have StarBucks. Good news though is that there are tons of local coffee places with marvelous coffee-based drinks. Oh can't wait to scroll the city again and pause here & there and sip a mocha in one of the nicer places.
My old childhood friend and his family who are living in France are also coming to Isfahan & I'm so looking forward to meeting them. And all other classmates and friends who kept in touch.
I'm looking forward to two nice weeks to just be with my mom and dad, even if to just sit with them and watch them sip a cup of tea. And to get away with my brothers and sister and spend a night in a desert resort.
I bought A's Christmas gift: a bike with hand breaks and gears complete with a helmet and a bell. We sneaked it inside after he left for school this morning and put it in front of the fireplace. I hope that we remember to film him when walking in the door, after coming back from a 24 hour travel time and feeling bruised from goodbyes again when we come back in a couple weeks or so.


Nasime said...

How long are you going to stay there? We are going, too! We leave on the 25th, is there a chance that we can meet each other?

midnight/... said...

OMG! Yes there is a chance! We will depart on Jan 2nd. Email me your contact please yay!:)