Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Far, Day 4

Post from Monday Dec 19th:

It has been nice so far. The air pollution seems less obvious compared to last year's nasty pollution. We can actually see the blue sky but last year it was always a hazy brown sky.  The traffic is somewhat less chaotic and moving, thanks to many constructions that have turned to real infra structure. And people, both among the family and outside are much calmer it seems compared to last year, despite everything political happening. It feels safer too.

I'm so happy and thankful to observe this all! I have had a few leisurely strolls around the city, watching people as if I'm a tourist. I observed that the younger generation, those in high school and college now, are much taller, still may have weird make up and hair due but seem more polite than last year, less aggressive. There are unsaid, unwritten communication rules amongst people here; how to walk to be respected, how to talk to get service in a shop, how to ask for service to receive it. It is actually fun playing by and reprogramming yourself. I got to go to the gym my sister goes to today, it was really fun.

We walked on Khajou Bridge last night, a very beautiful bridge from 360 years ago.  It was an hour past midnight and there was only me and my family and siblings walking on the bridge. It was really beautiful! As if I was seeing it for the first time. But I learned something new indeed: there are two lion statues carved out of rocks at each side of the bridge. Last night, I saw that the eyes of the lion at the north side of the bridge sparkle in the dark when you look at it from the south side of the bridge!! Really neat in the dark of the night!!

A is having a blast basking in the family-love, playing passionately with his younger cousin, staying at grandparents' houses playing with them or by himself for a few hours, and his Farsi has excelled already. He got so excited to read his own name in Farsi on a bank billboard the other day.  He tried "jigar" last night, barbecued lamb liver, and seemed to really enjoy it. Oh and he tried coke too, and said he liked it much... Not so thrilled about that!

I haven't been able to get on blogger since my arrival as the website is filtered. There are other ways to make it work but I haven't gotten around it yet.  I'll be taking notes for now and will post when I can resolve this issue by going around this filtering, like every one does here!

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