Sunday, July 21, 2013


Opened my eyes this morning after yet another unsettled night to see the wooden box with a beautiful red rose on top of it on the bed side table; I was all smiles.
It was 13 years ago.  In the haze of those young days and nights you stepped into my life.  I felt something different, something I had not felt before. I knew I had fallen for those honest eyes and that sheepish smile.
I knew I was crossing an unknown territory. I loved the excitement of it.  I thought I was ready even though I had no idea, no imagination even.  I didn't imagine much beyond how I would decorate the kitchen table.
I took it all as it came.  An exciting ride indeed; a new scene behind each corner.  Not always a smooth ride, neither pleasant all the time, nor always lovely.  Yet, you were with me all the time.
I know I love you.
Happy Anniversary!

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