Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Never Found Out

It was a late afternoon. One of those winter evenings that gets dark early. It was chilly and a bit hazy. I had parked right in front of the department, by chance my car was just west to the main entrance. That meant anyone in the male section of the cafeteria could see my car.
How interesting! Our cafeteria was segregated!!
So, anyone from up there could see the car, I realized afterward.
I was coming back from a workshop which was in another building in another corner of the campus. I approached my car in that late afternoon from another building. I don't remember if I were alone or with a girl friend.
When I reached my car, I realized there was something beneath the windshield. Was I fined? In a second look I realized it was not a paper, but a red rose. A perfectly fresh red rose. I immediately looked around to find nobody; and then above toward the cafeteria. The glasses were mate!
I took the rose from the windshield. Rode the car and put it inside. Drove away.

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