Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes from A Woman with A Bump: Baby Species

I realized some people talk about babies as if they were a certain species other than humans.
"They" love it liked this.
"They" do that sometimes.
When "they" sleep ...
When "they burp" ...
I was watching my little angel and I thing she was anything but "they". She has her own being, her own personify, her own likings and dislikings; she takes her sweet time with her sleeping and nursing and burping.
Yet, frankly, it is a relief to know some of the stuff which she does are more "common" than not. For example, she might concentrate on swallowing so deeply that she might stop breathing in the middle of nursing; that scared me deeply. But then my mom said "they" did that sometimes and I must blow in her face and she would breathe again. And my mom was right. It's not "common" for humans do stop breathing in the middle of drinking. So it is indeed something "they" do.
Well. Perhaps.
But still, this is something my little angel does and that's all that matters in my mind.

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