Friday, July 5, 2013

Notes from A Woman with A Bump: Excercise Post Delivery

I think it is time to begin post natal excercises.
Nothing too vigorous of course. A simple walk around the block for 5 minutes to begin with.  Then increasing duration little by little and adding some simple stretches, may be even using the elliptical machine in due time.
One of the nurses at the hospital advised me to wait for six weeks and resume my excercise regym after I met with my ObGyn at that point. But I feel the urge to start.
I researched the web and read a few articles on the subject, including one from Mayo Clinic, which I trust the most.  I figured that it can be safe to resume physical activities as soon as the mom feels like it, it was even recommended.  Judged best especially post uncomplicated vaginal delivery.  Of course the recommendation is mainly walks and swimming lapses at this point. There were some simple ab routines recommended by some articles but I think that's a stretch, at least for my body at this point.
I know my body has not healed completely yet. Even the bruises from the IV pokes are still visible and slightly painful let alone all other invasions. But I feel my body is ready for walks, even some very simple weight training. Need it to be able to hold my baby to nurse and help her burp.
So, the excercises resume starting today, day 11:
a 5 minute walk around the block, follwed by bridge and pelvic  tilt, 10 each for 3 repetitions.

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