Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Midnight Review of Fear

What makes people to feel afraid?
What is fear?
I think one version of fear is when one cannot be honest to himself.  Then he cannot be honest to anyone. May be because he tries to avoid reprimand. May be he is afraid of being himself because his real self is different than the role he has always assumed. May be he is afraid of being judged. May be he is afraid of change.
I don't think there is anything more pitiful about a man than being afraid of another person to the extend of not being himself, permanently.
I believe in mistakes; it is just the very nature of man to make mistakes sometimes.  I believe in change.  the whole universe is constantly changing.  Then, there shall be no fear when one realizes his mistake. Or when one realizes how didferent he thinks, feels, comprehends.  It needs courage of course; to admit to a mistake and then to correct it. Being courageous is not easy but  admirable indeed!.

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