Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Notes from A Woman with a Bump: One Week Mark

My precious little angle was due to be born today. Instead, she has been with us for a week already. How grateful I am for her presence in my life!
I feel very content with her, perhaps more than I did with my A. I was not quite ready with A may be. I didn't know what it meant to give birth, to have a baby, to raise a baby. I didn't know how quickly they changed, how everything was so temporary. Even the seemingly countless sleepless nights under the veils of a crying baby.
With her, I know.
I smell her every opportunity I get. I look at every curve on her face, I touch her stick-like fingers. I know all this will change. This moment is my last chance with having her as a one-week-young.
I know the sleepless nights are very well counted.  I cherish it. More wake hours with my baby.
I adore her.
I feel very content with this peice of heaven that fell on my lap. I am forever thankful to The Divine Love!

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